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Friday, April 25, 2014

Music On My Mind v.2

So, to keep me from listening to the same music over and over, I decided to make a new playlist each month. That way I can throw the songs I'm currently obsessed with on there and listen over and over again. As always, I'm using the fabulous Spotify Premium service for my playlists. You can try a month of Premium for free by following that link, and if you're a student... it's only $4.99 a month after that!

Not all of these are necessarily recent... but they popped up in my Spotify Discover feature, and I've been really loving Sick of Sarah!

PS... did y'all get a sneak peek at the Boston Calling lineup for September? LORDE! I want to die! I had a presale offer where I could have gotten a 3-day pass for only $100. Next time I get an offer like that, I'm definitely going to trust the Boston Calling gods.

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