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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Design Diaries v.2

Hey everybody! My omega presentation is one week from today and of course, I decided to completely switch up everything I had already planned (yay?). My original plan was to create a website for myself (I already created two that I was deciding between...) but neither of them were what I wanted, and they all linked back to my blog.

So I decided... I'm a blogger, I'm proud of my blog, and all my work is already showcased here. Why not redesign my blog to work as a cohesive website design? It's the best of both worlds, as far as I'm concerned. So I do really apologize if you view the blog over the next few days and it seems a bit wonky. I promise it'll look great by the end of the week.

PS! I finally finished hosting myself on my very own domain. Welcome to!

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