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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Goals

Happy April everybody! I'm in the home stretch for graduation, just 5 weeks away... So of course, a lot of my monthly goals are going to relate to the last bit of work I have to accomplish. I haven't made a concrete list of goals in a long while; so I'm hoping that posting them for the world to see will motivate me to see most of them through.

1. Finish my omega project. I admit, taking on an entire marketing and rebranding assignment was a little bold of me... but taking off more than I can reasonably handle is in my blood. I love a good challenge and get a lot of satisfaction out of finishing a giant assignment that people were doubting my ability to complete.

2. Save some money. After graduation I'm going to be relocating back home to Massachusetts and be between jobs for a little bit. I have two job interviews when I go home (!!!) but it'll still be wise of me to put a little bit of money away if I can. I'm not a big spender as it is, so it'll be hard - but definitely doable if I sell some extra prints and pick up an extra shift or two.

3. Stick to my blogging schedule. I've planned out the majority of my blog posts this month, and I'm hoping that will let me stick to it a little easier. This way I can schedule posts a few days in advance on those days when I'm just lounging around eating bonbons.

4. Find two blogs to sponsor next month. I'm going to invest a little bit of money into sponsoring other blogs. Mostly blogs I enjoy reading who are just getting started with sponsorship - but also blogs with a similar readership who might enjoy my posts as well!

This month I'm sponsoring Straight Up Z, formerly Sometimes Z Takes Pictures. If you saw my face in her sidebar and popped over here, then hello! Z is one of my readers and was always commenting on my posts. We both have a soft spot for Boston and Pop Punk - so there's really no one I'd rather be sponsoring this month. If you are here on your own terms and have no idea who Z is, I suggest you hop over and check her out. She's pretty rad!

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