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Friday, March 21, 2014

Okay, Hi, Hello, Sorry.

This entire semester I feel has been sitting at my computer preparing to graduate. Yeah, I graduate in SIX WEEKS. If that isn't a terrifying notion, then I'm not sure what is. My ultimate goal for this semester is to graduate with honors, which means bringing my GPA up to at least a 3.5. As long as my grades stay where they are, this won't be a problem.

So as graduation approaches, I have to have an answer ready for when people ask what I plan on doing after graduation. My standard answer has been, "Please don't ask me that again." And the truth is - I'm really not terribly sure. I have been applying to a few full-time jobs, although the best case scenario would be to be able to support myself on just my Etsy shop for a little while until I can figure everything out. This means that I need to overhaul my shop a little, re-mat my images, add color swatches, optimize my keywords, and all that marketing business mumbo-jumbo.

That being said... I'm looking to get my product out there! If you're a consumer, I'm offering buy one get one free until Sunday night. Just tell me which print you'd like as your second in the "notes to seller" box. If you're a blogger, I want to work for you! I'd be happy to send you a sample of my product in exchange for a shout out. Making it in the art business depends a lot on teamwork and help - and I could definitely use some of that right now.

Impossible Until Done Typography Print

Additionally - if anybody could recommend some great design or lifestyle blogs, that would be amazing! Thank you!

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