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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chloe + Isabel Giveaway

Hey everybody! I know my posts have been sparse, but I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting semi-regularly. I wanted to pop in today to let you know about a raffle I'm holding for my Chloe + Isabel boutique!

Until tonight at 11:59pm ONLY! for every $10 you spend, you'll be entered to win over $100 worth of jewelry from the upcoming fall collection, "Mémories de Paris!" We have only had a very small sneak peek at what will be available for the fall collection, so it's a surprise as to what will be included in the bag, but I promise it'll definitely be worth it! The new collection launches mid-August, and this is the perfect way to earn a few pieces from the new collection!

Good luck! And remember, only orders that are placed before 11:59pm EST tonight will make the deadline!

PS: If you'd like to share this with any of your friends, I sure would appreciate it :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

Sorry I've disappeared. A lot of things have been happening this summer and I feel like I can't move on with my little blog until I talk about them on here. So here I sit at 5:30 a.m. ready to tell the first story. I rarely talk about this subject at length, honestly because I know that there are too many people ready to fight my opinion, or tell me my opinion is wrong.

Fall Out Boy is and has been my favorite band in the entire world. On May 26, I had the opportunity to see them again after 4 years of hiatus. The last time I saw them back in 2009, I was standing there during their set, I was confused. Halfway through their set, I walked out of the arena. I remember saying to myself, "I don't even know who those guys are anymore. I don't even know who Fall Out Boy is anymore." And I guess they felt the same way, because they went on hiatus shortly after.

When they announced that hiatus, I don't think my heart could have ever broken into more pieces than it did. My favorite band is on hiatus. Possibly never to reunite. And I just walked out in the middle of their set, possibly the last time I could ever see them play.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of the Boston show on the 26th. The last time I had seen them I was 17. A lot of the fans were my age, and a lot of the fans were younger than me. And it's not like they were rapidly gaining new fans during the hiatus. To my surprise and also to my delight, almost everybody at the venue was my age. The tickets sold out in under an hour, so nearly anybody with anything to do at 10am on a Friday was out of luck.

At 10am exactly I remember refreshing the ticket page, picking out my floor tickets, and submitting the request. I was presented with tickets to the 2nd floor mezzanine, and figured it was a mistake and went back to make sure I clicked on floor tickets. Once I had lost my original tickets... the site crashed. And since I didn't have cell phone service in my dorm room, I was that girl sitting outside in the snow, crying, calling Ticketmaster, while trying to refresh the page on my ipad, and 2 different laptops. I honestly thought I had missed my only opportunity to get any tickets at all. Eventually I got through on the phone and was able to get tickets to the 3rd floor mezzanine.

Although I was delighted to even be there after the ticket fiasco, I was still disappointed that I was so far away from the floor. I wanted that sense of camaraderie, I wanted to feel involved in that moment when they walked out on stage and time just stopped. At the same time, I wanted to be the only person there. I know I can't be the only one in that room that felt like this. When you care about the members of a band just as much as you care about the music, you feel protective. I almost felt like nobody in that room had benefitted from their music like I had. I felt like nobody understood them like I did. I felt like nobody was more upset about the hiatus than me. It's hard to share something that is so, so personal.

But when those four boys came out on that stage for the first time since the last time, time really did stop. And there wasn't a single person in that venue that didn't hold their breath for a half a second. And not a single person stood still. And everybody had the biggest smile on their faces. And we all had the most important thing in common. Every... single... person. Every single one... felt the exact same emotions in that moment.