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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Revolutionize Your Listening

Hey everybody! I have some rather exciting news, actually. I was recently selected to be a campus representative for my absolute favorite listening program - Spotify! I've been a Spotify Premium subscriber for over a year now and I think paying $9.99 a month is worth every penny.

I've been getting a lot of feedback from students on my campus as to why they don't use Spotify yet. A lot of the answers I receive tell me that they haven't hard of it, they don't understand it, or they are content using whatever method they have been using. But I truly believe that if people knew what Spotify had to offer, it would be their first choice every time.

If you haven't heard of Spotify, listen up! Spotify is a better way to listen to music. There is no need to buy or download songs. Just hit play. Spotify works on your laptop, tablet, phone, and TV; so wherever you find yourself, the perfect music is always there for you. With over 15 million songs in the Spotify library, how could you resist?

If you're content using your iTunes, this one's for you! Do you enjoy paying $9.99 for one album on iTunes? Sure, the music is then yours to own - but what happens if you get a new computer? You have to go through and transfer all that music, and I find that it never works out easily. Or what about all that space it takes up? That space could be put to a lot better use.

Are you still using Pandora? If so, you really need to come over to the future of music! I left Pandora before I was sick of hearing the same 20 songs over and over for hours. Did you know the Pandora music library only has 900,000 songs? When you are using the Spotify radio function you have access to over 15 million songs. And you know what else? Wait for it. Unlimited skips!

There are 3 levels of Spotify. The FREE version works on your computer - made possible by ads. The UNLIMITED version is also available on your computer. It is ad-free for $4.99 a month. And the best option, the PREMIUM version. The Premium version allows you to listen anywhere - your computer, your TV, your phone - all unlimited & ad-free. The sound quality is superior and you can make playlists available for offline listening.

I want to spread the Spotify love! Join the listening revolution! Make your very own Spotify playlist and come back and share it in the comments. Come and follow me on Spotify! Why do you listen? Here's mine to share with you!

Because there's nothing wrong with sharing new music. #ForMusic


  1. I'm a HUGE fan of spotify! It's especially great when you want to listen to music on your work computer (if you're lucky enough to be able to download it), and taking it on your mobile device is even better! Love your playlist too - there's a few songs I haven't heard but I'm excited to listen!

    1. Glad to know there is another Spotify lover out there. Everyone I've been approaching it with seems to apprehensive - eek. I promise them they won't regret making the switch!