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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Goals

Whoops! I completely forgot to do my goals for April. Well, it's still early in the month, right? Before we go into the April goals let's recap my goals from last month.

1. Attend all my classes! [FAILED] I went to all of my classes, came back from spring break and was completely washed out. I felt weirdly sick the whole week after, and missed a lot of classes. Then the week after that we had a whole other week off due to snow! So I guess it isn't all my fault, but still!
2. Don't overspend on vacation! [PASSED] I made Alicia in charge of the money because I can't bear to say no when she wants something. So I gave her $200 and said "fine, you deal with it." (To my complete surprise) we stayed completely on budget! We came home with zero money left, but that was to be expected.
3. Work on developing the blog! [FAILED] I don't think I did an awful job at this, but I definitely could have done better.
4. Design, design, design! [PASSED] I have been doing a whole lot of personal projects and that's definitely enough to keep me happy!

And now onto the...

1. Attend all my classes! Since I failed it last month, this one will be right up here, again!
2. Work on developing the blog! Okay, okay, last week I had a little too much vacation so I slipped up on this one. I'll do better this month!
3. Stick to my workout! Alicia so graciously put together a workout plan for me, so I need to stick to it. And, work real hard as to not yell at her every time I get mad because I'm tired. You're supposed to be tired, self. It's not supposed to be easy! Besides, if I don't build up some sort of stamina now those zumba & yoga classes you promised to do with Emily all summer are going to be real tough!
4. ENJOY MY BIRTHDAY! I have this awful tendency to try and be a perfectionist (and sometimes a control freak) when things aren't going my way. I have an AMAZING SET OF FRIENDS working super hard to make this birthday great. I trust them completely and I just need to step aside and enjoy my birthday instead of stressing about whether everyone else is having fun or not.

Well, here's to hoping these goals are easier to stick to!

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