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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Couple of Type Projects

I said I would share a couple projects I've been working on for school. They're just a couple of simple typography projects. Any suggestions or feedback are always welcomed!

Our assignment here was to create an animal using letters all from the same typeface. I used everyone's favorite basic serif font, Times New Roman. I made this bird pretty quickly, I was thinking of doing a small series of animals instead of one complex piece.

The assignment for this one was very open-ended. We were allowed to choose two letters from the same typeface and make any sort of design or pattern. The assignment called for 9 art boards all with different typefaces and letters. After I came up with this one I thought I would do a "nature" theme throughout the whole assignment. I did another one that is a wave; but they took so long I drove myself crazy and am now taking a break from this project!

For this one we had to pick 2 letters (I picked my first and middle initial!) from the same typeface and angle and crop them 3 different ways. For each way we cropped it, we had to showcase it in black and white and in color. I believe this one is Times New Roman, too! Guess I need to mix up my type choices!

This was my first project of the semester! We had to do a piece based off the meaning of our name. I chose my first and middle initial to go inside the wave, and then the wave acts as my last initial, a C! My name means a combination of "girl from the valley" (hence the tree - yay nature!) and "bitter sea."

What do you guys think? What are some of your favorite design resources when you're searching for inspiration? I personally love looking up color palates. I'm addicted to Kuler by Adobe!


  1. What fun! I love the bird, he's so cute! I miss school projects...sometimes I feel like I need a creative brief to get my inspiration back :)

    1. It's always hit or miss, the projects are always either really interesting or super boring! But it's never a bad idea to use some sort of prompt to get creative.