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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vacation Round-Up

Do you ever come back from vacation feeling like you need another vacation to recover?! That's just about how I'm feeling this Tuesday morning. Luckily, my classes have been easy so far so I can slowly get back into the groove of things.

This vacation, Alicia and I spent every morning for a couple of hours taking care of 10 mastiff puppies! Aren't they so cute? They're only a week old and they're already such a handful. I can't imagine what kind of chaos they'll be causing once they start to walk.

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures over vacation (I know, boo!) but I'll share a couple that I had posted up on my Instagram.

I finally purchased tickets to Boston Calling! Karley, Em, and I are planning to go together and I think it's going to be an epic weekend for music in general!

Alicia's parents brought home this adorable 8-week old mastiff puppy just a week before their litter was due. His name is Hercules and he's a total brat!

Saturday night, Alicia and I went to a club in Ybor, Florida called the Honey Pot. Even better, Dani Campbell from A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila was the guest of honor! I almost passed out I was so starstruck. I remember being so upset when Tila didn't pick her during the show!

I'M AN AUNT! My older sister had her first baby last week! His name is Calem Edward and he's super-cute.

Was anyone else on vacation last week? How was it? Don't forget to leave me the links to your blogs!


  1. Yo you're going to boston calling? lucky! (I thought you lived in NC?) I wish I could go since I'm going to be living like three miles from it, but I can't drop the cash. Hope you have an AMAZING time!

    1. I go to college in NC, but my family and permanent residence is in Massachusetts! I know it's a lot of money to throw down but if you can at all find the money for it, I think it will be absolutely worth it. Not only is the lineup spectacular, but it's Boston's own little music festival. It's history in the making!

      Where in Boston will you be staying this summer?