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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quick Update!

I feel like I never stop working! My job has kept me super busy these past few days, I've been looking forward to a big update but things just keep coming up.

My spring break starts this weekend, and I'm headed to sunny Florida! The forecast says it'll be nearly 80 degrees this weekend. Such a different environment from the snow and rain I've been getting on the mountain. Dresses everyday! I've packed 5 (and I wish I would pack more) but I am really sick of over-packing. There a few things I'm looking most forward to this upcoming week,

1. Dunkin Donuts! I know, I know. I don't have one at school. I'm not even a huge coffee drinker. But at home, there are literally 7 in my town. So not having the option to go to one really gets to me. Ahhh coffee!
2. Shopping! I really don't have money for shopping, but it'll be nice to even window shop. (Although I'm almost REQUIRED to buy something from Ross!) There are no great stores within an hour of school, yay headed to civilization!
3. The pool! I used to have a pool at home to enjoy in the summer time, but don't anymore. I cannot wait to lay by the pool on a daily basis. I could use the vitamin D!

Do you have a break coming up? What are you most looking forward to?!


  1. I have been dreaming of the beach for months! Its been so rainy and cold this winter that I am more than ready for warmer weather. I wish I was headed to Florida too! Haha! Have fun!


    1. Hopefully I return with some stories, pictures, some color, but mostly relaxation!