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Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favorites: Movies

I've never really been a huge movie person. Somewhere, halfway through, I get bored and never make it to the ending. Or, I fall asleep. Most times, they just play repeatedly in the background (for days at a time mind you). I think favorite movies have a lot to say about a person. This week, I'm going to share 5 of my favorites! Probably also a couple of honorable mentions, too. As I'm typing I keep thinking of more and more movies I should have added!

1. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist: When I first saw this movie, I was at a really rough place. I had recently endured a breakup with someone I had been with for years! Seeing this movie absolutely instilled hope within me. I remember being probably a sophomore in high school and going home and making all these posts about how excited I was to fall in love again. Ever since then, it's one of those feel-good anytime movies that just makes you wish you could be a part of it.
2. The Sitter: I love comedies, but normally they're just a watch it once and never again kind of thing for me. Once I saw the Sitter, I was instantly hooked. I literally watched it every single night for at least a week straight. (You can even ask Karley!) I still watch it whenever I just need to laugh, it's such a ridiculous movie!
3. UP: I feel like everybody is obligated to have at least one Disney movie in their favorites. This movie is so important to me. Not only are the characters whole and hilarious, but it's such a poignant picture of what this man will do in the name of love.
4. Harry Potter: If you know me in real life you know I'm a huge nerd! (I have two Harry Potter-related tattoos!) As a child I was always completely enveloped in these stories. I love the movie adaptations because it just makes it that much more real. I actually fear the day they begin to remake these. I feel like that will be the sign to know I'm getting old.
5. Crazy Stupid Love: I LOVE EMMA STONE, okay? Really. The House Bunny, Easy A, anything Emma, give it here. I'm not one of those to see the ending coming in movies, so when everything tied together at the end, I about died! Love, love, love.

Honorable Mentions:
6. Silver Linings Playbook (JENNIFER LAWRENCE!)
7. The Breakfast Club (Obviously)
8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Heartbreaking!)

Ahh after adding in those honorable mentions I'm dying to talk about my love affair with those movies and more! I'll save it for another Friday.

What are your favorite movies?

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