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Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorites: ModCloth

I wasn't planning on doing a second Friday post, but I was browsing the ModCloth site (who doesn't?!) and couldn't resist to share a few of my favorites that I came across.

1. BB Dakota: When the Night Comes dress in Petal. ($99.99) I don't know if I would actually be so daring to wear such a light pink color because I'm already so pale. But the lace is just too cute to resist. Maybe a dark cardigan could help from washing me out.

2. Sapphire for Hire Dress. ($49.99) This dress has been sitting in my favorites forever. I get a little weary with the defined waistline dresses because I find them to be uncomfortable when I wear them for too long; but the color and detail on the front? Love, love, love.

3. Nice to Meet Cute Top. ($42.99) Let's face it: the necktie totally makes this shirt come together. I want 3 shirts and neckties in 50 different colors and permission to wear this shirt everyday, please.

4. Musee Rodin Skirt. ($34.99) This is another one of those pieces that I would look for an excuse to wear daily. I find this style skirt to be super flattering! With so many colors and a price like that, I wouldn't think twice about ordering a few.

5. Black Currant Scones Heel. ($49.99) I'm not a heel person! I'll drool over them all day on the internet, but when it comes to actually wearing them, I cringe. I do too many weird dance moves and fall far too many times throughout the day to wear them on a regular basis. But this cute pair might make me change my ways.

6. Full Course Load Bag. ($84.99) I have a bad problem with bags. I have so many, and never want to give any up. The result is so many bags in a tote under my bed... I can't possibly wear all of them, but can't give them up. This one would be perfect for school - those days when I feel too dressed up to carry my go-to backpack.

7. Green of the Jungle Bag. ($59.99) I wouldn't normally go for a bag with animal print, but this green and leopard combo is way subtle and super dreamy. Too bad it's out of stock :(


  1. I have the green skirt in black (it was called something different, but it looks EXACTLY the same...?) and I wear it all the time!!! the bow belt is super cute and it all fits great! haha modcloth is a daily reminder of how I need a job...

    1. I think all the colors have different names, it's weird! I love, love, love the skirt and am so close to buying one. But with vacation next week and bills, and a part time job, agh. Maybe I can nab it on sale, it seems to be worth the money. :)